Flying in the USA - with the AeroVogel

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USA - general

USA Pre-Flight










Interesting planes

Glasair 1 (a) (b) (soon)
Cessna 172 (here)
Piper P28A (here)


Just before taking off: Pre-flight (US / & CDN)

Thorough pre-flight briefing
Sectional Charts online (here)
Get airport inormation (here)
- Contact Flight Service Station (official source of NOTAMs at 1-800-WX-BRIEF) for latest info (?)
- Get TFRs (temp. flight restrictions)
- List of abbreviations

Long distance flights
- No toilets on board? A complete system that a lot of pilots use for long flights (here)
-Then you'll also want to get a bunch of catheters (here)
- Costs: 100LL Avgas (here)

Insurance questions
- Need insurance coverage? AOPA (here) and (here); application form (sample)
(more soon)

Route East coast - starting northbound
- AOPA Flight Planner - 3 mth. trial (here)
Planned Route, weather permitting (here)
- Planned Route, pic of Google Earth (here)
- Flight Table ext. route East Coast, figures- 3rd guess

- (here) my screenshot
-, general (here) !
- [why work with it?]
- Gas stop: Florida (map)
- Gas stop: Georgia - Virginia (map)

- Gas stop: Virginia - New Hampshire (map)
- Gas stop: New Hampshire - New Brunswick (map)

Preparing flights w. Aerovogel (US & CDN), Weather, Florida, New England, Other stuff ... (here)

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